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YouTuber MrBeast uses drone to make it rain $20k in cash!

From donating $30,000 to gamers on Twitch to tipping pizza delivery drivers $10,000, YouTuber MrBeast is known for creating videos that show his generous giveaways. His latest stunt features a drone that was rigged to drop cash from the sky. MrBeast and his crew flew a drone multiple times around Greenville, North Carolina, to make it rain approximately $20,000 in cash. Several people picked up the bills like an Easter egg hunt, but there were mixed reactions.

MrBeast dropped cash 15 different times in various locations. The majority of the cash drops happened in parking lots like in Walmart, while other cash giveaways took place at local parks. Once the drone released the loose bills, most people ran towards it. There were only two times strangers walked or ran past the dropped cash. The bills used were a mix of one-dollar to one-hundred-dollar bills, and everyone from kids to seniors scrambled to pickup the cash.

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